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~ For chaining motorbikes and mopeds

Motorbike security rail
2 metre rail

motorcycle parking posts
Please note:

This photograph is illustrative of a single 16mm bar loop fitted to an extra heavy duty 100 x 100mm capped post. It shows the bottom stabilizer stops that are fitted for submerged concreting-in fixing and these stabilizers are normally not visible as they are under the concrete. The alternative fixing is the post fitted with base plate for bolt-down surface fixing – There is no cost differential

Motorcycle Security Rails

Tubular steel construction, weatherproof galvanised finish.

Available with either base plates for bolting down as a surface fixing or longer legs with bottom stop plates for concreting into the ground as a submerged fixing; - no price difference.

Height above ground 600mm, Height to middle crossbar 400mm.

Overall Width 1 metre 2 metre
Reference , Galvanised finish 90013 90014

Motorcycle Posts

Posts originally designed to chain motorbikes but can also be used for securing caravans, and plant and machinery.

All posts are weatherproof hot dipped galvanised finish, and capped

Overall height above ground 900mm.

Single or double sided posts with loops for chaining the vehicles.

Loop 12mm bar steel 16mm bar steel
Usage Standard Duty Heavy Duty Extra Heavy Duty
Tube 50 x 50mm 75 x 75mm 100 x 100mm
Fixing Surface Submerged Surface Submerged Surface Submerged
SINGLE 70030 70036 70032 70038 70034 70040
DOUBLE 70042 70048 70044 70050 70046 70052


Freephone: 0800 046 7500
Fax: 01243 629590
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